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Case Study: Restaurant & Bar Maximizes Their Return on Ad Spend with Lead X Design

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Case Study Overview

Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar, established in 1933 in Pittsburgh and now operating 37 locations nationwide, is renowned for its fresh, house-made sandwiches. The chain focuses on enhancing guest experiences both on-site and online.

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Case Study Research

The Challenge:

Primanti Bros.' marketing team aimed to tackle two main challenges: expanding their first-party customer database and improving campaign measurement accuracy. With rapid growth, the primary concern was the collection of contact information to boost their loyalty program conversions.A significant issue was the difficulty in assessing the impact of their marketing campaigns. Despite knowing the value of paid marketing in attracting new customers, Primanti Bros. lacked the means to quantify the reach and success of these campaigns. As a fast-growing restaurant chain, it’s no surprise that their first concern was contact collection. They needed a platform that could easily capture email addresses and help them convert guests to their loyalty program.Their larger problem, however, was their lack of visibility into campaign effectiveness. While Primanti Bros. understood that investing in paid marketing would attract new customers, they had no idea how many people their campaigns were actually reaching or how to determine their effectiveness.

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The Solution:

Recognizing that customers often provide their email for free WiFi access, Primanti Bros. utilized a WiFi portal solution to gather guest data in-store. This approach not only facilitated email collection but also provided a method to evaluate their marketing campaign's success.The marketing director at Primanti Bros. expressed that initially, their goal was to leverage the WiFi to collect emails and engage customers with their loyalty program. They soon discovered that the same system offered a comprehensive solution for monitoring the effectiveness of their paid advertisements.By integrating this system, Primanti Bros. was able to track the in-store visits of individuals exposed to their online advertisements, irrespective of their WiFi usage. This enabled them to distinguish between passersby and actual customers and to assess the impact of their advertising efforts.The adoption of this technology expanded their capability from mere email collection to gaining profound insights into customer behavior and marketing efficiency.

Lead X Design Wifi Marketing

The Results:

Within a year of implementing this new approach, Primanti Bros. experienced a significant return on investment, with a substantial increase in contact collection and the optimization of their paid campaigns. In 2021, they collected over 67,000 new customer emails and refined their marketing strategies to achieve cost-effective results, evidenced by their impressive return on ad spend in their latest campaign.The insights gained from this initiative have fundamentally transformed Primanti Bros.' approach to marketing, enhancing their understanding of customer behavior and the effectiveness of their media investments.

Lead X Design Wifi Marketing

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