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Case Study: The Bermuda Marquee Design by Keeon Minors of Lead X Design

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Case Study Overview

The City of Hamilton unveiled its newest landmark, the BERMUDA marquee sign on Front Street, which was designed by Keeon Minors of Lead X Design. This project was part of the City’s VIVID: Public Art Initiative, which aimed to make Hamilton a more vibrant city. The design process, challenges faced, and solutions developed to overcome those challenges, along with the brochure design that complemented the overall project, are discussed below.

Lead X Design
Lead X Design

Case Study Research

Design Process:

The City of Hamilton held a public contest for local artisans to submit their visions for the sign. Keeon Minors was the standout winner out of 60 entries. The criteria for the contest included a celebration of Bermuda’s rich culture and storied history. Keeon’s design incorporated these elements, with bold lettering spelling out ‘BERMUDA,’ flanked by the Island’s signature foliage and vibrant Gombey dancers, symbolizing the Island’s culture and heritage.

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One of the biggest challenges the team faced was ensuring the installation’s durability and resistance to the harsh Bermudian weather conditions. Another challenge was incorporating the design into a functional and practical sign that met the City’s regulations. To overcome these challenges, the design team conducted several site visits, worked closely with the sign fabricators, and used durable materials that could withstand harsh weather conditions.

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To ensure the sign was durable and could withstand the weather conditions, the design team used materials that could withstand heavy rain, strong winds, and salty air. They also incorporated a drainage system into the design to ensure water did not accumulate in the sign’s structure. To comply with City regulations, the team had to ensure the design was a safe and practical installation. They worked with sign fabricators to create a stable foundation and lighting system that was safe for the public.

Lead X Design

Brochure Design:

The brochure design by Lead X Design complemented the overall project by highlighting the marquee sign and promoting Hamilton as a vibrant destination. The brochure used vibrant colors and imagery, including photographs of the sign in various settings, to showcase the sign’s unique design and its contribution to Hamilton’s skyline. The brochure design was a crucial marketing tool for the project and helped promote it to both locals and tourists.

Lead X Design
Lead X Design


The Bermuda Marquee Design by Keeon Minors of Lead X Design was a successful project that celebrated Bermuda’s culture and history. The design team faced challenges during the project, such as ensuring durability and complying with regulations, but overcame these obstacles with innovative solutions. The brochure design by Lead X Design complemented the overall project and helped promote the sign to both locals and tourists. This case study is an example of how successful collaboration between a design team and the client can create an iconic landmark that celebrates culture, history, and art.

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