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Lead X Design

¡Somos una Agencia de Marketing Digital con sede en las Bermudas que ayuda a las empresas de todo el mundo a atraer y convertir clientes potenciales de alta calidad en ventas!

Lead X Design

Web & App Development

We deliver a customized yet engineered approach to digital creativity & design

Lead X Design

Customer Attraction

Creating campaigns to attract high quality leads that are craving for your products & services

Lead X Design

Customer Journey

Developing & Optimizing your customers journey from awareness to sale for predicatable ROI

Boosts your website traffic!

Free Website Organic Search Analysis

    Consulte nuestra Política de privacidad para saber cómo gestionamos y protegemos sus datos.

    Previous Projects

    Our Case Studies

    Website Design

    Website Design Case Study Music,Health,Fitness

    Web Development, Customer Journey

    Website Design

    Website Design Case Study Cosmetics

    Web Development, Customer Journey

    Website Design

    Website Design Case Study Thai Restaurant

    Web Development, Customer Journey


    SEO Case Study Medical Spa

    Marketing, Sales, SEO, Visitor, Content Management, Customer Journey


    SEO Case Study Real Estate

    Content Management, Customer Journey, Marketing, Sales, SEO, Visitor

    Lead X Design

    SEO Case Study Attorney

    Marketing, Sales, SEO, Visitor, Content Management, Customer Journey

    How we help your business succeed

    Providing Outstanding
    Digital Experiences

    Lead X Design

    Atraiga nuevos clientes potenciales optimizando sus flujos de trabajo y embudos de ventas para aumentar sus ingresos

    Lead X Design

    Monitoreo y Mantenimiento del Sitio Web 24/7

    Lead X Design

    Desarrollar el conocimiento de la marca promoviendo su marca a los mejores públicos objetivo para su negocio

    Lead X Design

    Aumente sus propios conocimientos como propietario de un negocio registrándose en uno de nuestros cursos en línea gratuitos o de pago

    Work Flow

    Our Working Process

    Through our application process and discovery call, we will understand your brand, objectives and business goals to start your project.

    Putting together all the information you provided in the previous step, we will develop a custom plan to achieve your goals.

    We will then provide you with an official proposal for you to review and accept.

    Congratulations! Your project will be complete and delivered with all your dreams and goals achieved! 🙂

    Learn More About Our

    4 Pillars To Online Success

    Lead X Design

    Atraer los cables *Right*

    Puedes tener el mejor producto o servicio del mundo, pero sin clientes, no tienes negocio. Por esta razón, realmente necesita destacarse de su competencia y hacer que sus clientes ideales encuentren su solución en línea.

    Lead X Design

    El viaje del cliente

    ¿Has pensado en el proceso que toma desde que un cliente potencial se entera por primera vez de ti a una venta? Realmente necesita entender y establecer y el recorrido del cliente para educar, excitar y convencer a su cliente potencial de que lo que está ofreciendo es exactamente lo que necesitan.

    Lead X Design

    Nuturing de clientes

    En términos prácticos, la mayoría de los clientes potenciales no compran lo que está vendiendo en su primera impresión. Por lo general, toma en cuenta su oferta 7 veces en promedio antes de que estén convencidos. Esta es la razón por la que necesita una estrategia sólida para poner su producto delante de sus ojos de manera consistente y orgánica.

    Lead X Design

    Comprender su ROI

    ¿Entiendes tus números de ganancias? ¿Está calculando el retorno de la inversión para cada campaña de publicidad/marketing que ejecuta? La única manera en que puede escalar su negocio con confianza para alcanzar sus metas de sueño es detener el trabajo de conjeturas y entender el valor $ de cada cliente potencial que ve su oferta.

    • 03_web


      Website & Mobile App Development

    • 01_hour


      Website Hosting, Support & Maintenance

    • 02_speaker


      Digital Marketing Strategies


    Not sure where to start?

    Try Our All-in-One-Solutions

    Si usted es un tipo de Do It Yourself (DIY) de Entreprener. O un propietario de negocio que prefiere centrarse en otras tareas importantes en su negocio y desea un servicio completo de Done For You(DFY), ¡tenemos soluciones para todos!



    $49 /mo

    • This is a Do-It-Yourself Product*
    • DFY 100+ Premium Website Templates (Better than Wix!)
    • Website Hosting
    • Website Maintenance
    • Technical Support
    • Access to our Private Members Area


    Growth Plan

    $149 /mo

    • This is a Do-It-Yourself Product*
    • DFY 100+ Premium Website Templates (Better than Wix!)
    • Advanced Social Media Design Bundle
    • Lead x Design Academy Access (50+ Online Entrepreneur Courses)**
    • Our Full Social Media Management Kit
    • Access To Private Members Area



    $597 /mo

    • DFY 100+ Premium Website Templates
    • Done For You Customization by Lead X Design
    • Advanced Social Media Design Bundle
    • Lead x Design Academy Access (50+ Online Entrepreneur Courses)**
    • Our Full Social Media Management Kit
    • Premium/Fast Hosting Included
    • 10% Off On Additional Services
    • Access to our Private Members Area
    • Access to our Private Facebook Group.

    Want A Complete Business Package? /

    Business VIP


    /Click below for details

    • Website & Mobile App Design & Technical Support
    • Full ROI Calculated Customer Journey Funnels
    • Email Marketing Management
    • Website Content Management
    • Social Media Management
    • Google My Business Management
    • Facebook Ads Retargeting Management
    • Premium Hosting
    • Custom Domain Name
    • Website & App Maintenance

    Need A Fully Custom Solution? /


    Love from Clients

    Nikkia Samuels
    Andrea Lee
    Tina T. Laws
    Gloria J. Schramm
    Colina Outerbridge
    Lead X Design

    Keeon is very creative and easy to work with. I’ve had the pleasure of using his business to design my website and advice for my business. His professionalism towards your needs are caring, steadfast in making your idea come to fruition and very thorough in the smallest detail. I recommend his services for all of your marketing and business needs.

    Nikkia Samuels

    Therapeutic Touch Bermuda

    Working with Keeon has been an easy, smooth and very professional experience. He provided a variety of concepts to capture the vision of our business and was very receptive to feedback in creating designs that we wanted. I Would definitely recommend him to anybody who is looking for a talented designer with great business etiquette and work ethics. I will definitely choose to work with Keeon again in the future. 

    Andrea Lee

    Happy Valley Dental

    From my initial conversation with Keeon (We Are Bermuda lol) about the vision for Under Konstruction, I knew that he got it! I was impressed with his passion and ideas to bring my vision to fruition. What was most impressive is that he never skipped a beat when learning that my business catered to a majority of women. His marketing ability, personable approach and connectedness have proven that he is a great listener and visionary. Keeon's ability to market my brand has proven that a good marketer is not about them being of a specific culture or gender but rather, being able to mirror a client's vision while stretching outside of the box.

    Tina T. Laws

    Tina Laws Consulting

    I had the pleasure of working with Keeon online by contributing my personal travel essays to his website, We Are Bermuda. He is always patient, kind, appreciative, humble and accommodating. His digital expertise has amazed me. Keeon is someone I trust with my brands and with whom I can mull over ideas for creating apps as his IT talents seem boundless. He is successful as I see his business took off and continues to gather speed!

    Gloria J. Schramm

    Career Counselor & Playwright

    I am very impressed with the information captured in the reports. Thanks for keeping us updated!

    Colina Outerbridge

    Bermuda Economic Development Agency

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