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5 Steps on Getting 0 to 1000 Visitors Per Day on Your Website

5 Steps on Getting 0 to 1000 Visitors Per Day on Your Website

“Do you want to receive 1,000 visitors per day to your website? Who doesn’t!  Especially if your site is new and not getting any visitors then you would definitely need to know about some tips that will help you start getting traffic to the website.”

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Studies show that 95% of bloggers quit blogging because they are not able to receive enough traffic. Nonetheless, traffic is the major requisites to keep blogging run. In this article, we will go through the five steps that’ll help you start receiving traffic which you can take further to 1,000 visitors per day if you follow the process continually.

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1. Create a Content Calendar

The first step is to create proper planning on which you can work effectively. A content calendar can help you organize your work in the correct way, with this you’ll understand how and when you are going to publish content on your website or blog.

You can simply use a sheet or any organizer tool to define your content publishing timelines. The main goal of using a content calendar is ensuring your content goes live on time and your work remains organized.

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2. Select the Right Topics & Keywords

This is the most important step where you select the topic of the content you’re going to write and publish. Before you finalize a topic, determine which keywords are best for you and easier to rank, check what types of content currently ranking in top SERPs for those keywords.

You should also analyze your past content and check what type of topics your audience likes to read. Brainstorm some article ideas based on your research, you can also consider using a keyword research tool as it’ll make the task easier for you.

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3. Write Long, Thorough Content

If you think you’ll get the work done with small blog posts, it’s not going to work in the long-term. Studies show that top-ranking content on Google has an average length of 2,000 words per article. Long content also gets a greater number of shares.

Therefore, give extra attention to writing content for your website and create detailed content with proper resources. Qualitative content engages the readers and receives more likes, comments, and shares, which definitely improves traffic.

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4. Promote & Share it Everywhere

While creating content for your website, how much time you spend on it? And how much time you spend on promoting it? You should apply the rule of 80/20 here, it suggests giving your 20% of the time in creating content and 80% of the time in promoting it.

If you’re just creating quality content and not promoting it properly then it would be difficult to reach 1,000 visitors mark. Use all the methods to share your content, find online community sites and promote your content to target audience to attract traffic.

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5. Repeat & Keep Consistency

A consistence posting schedule is key for reader engagement on your website. There’s no fixed rule on how often you publish new content but whatever you follow, just keep the consistency. That’s why you create a content calendar first.

Repeat all the steps regularly and maintain your consistency with each task. You will definitely start receiving traffic on your website which will increase with time. You’ll gradually start building the audience base that’ll help you achieve your target of 1,000 visitors per day on your website. All the best!

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