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Slide Website & Mobile App Development Boost your Online
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Slide Digital Marketing Attract and Nuture
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We develop modern and creative Digital Marketing Strategies
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Lead X Design

We are a Bermuda based Digital Marketing Agency helping businesses worldwide attract and convert high quality leads into sales!

Lead X Design

Web & App Development

We deliver a customized yet engineered approach to digital creativity & design

Lead X Design

Customer Attraction

Creating campaigns to attract high quality leads that are craving for your products & services

Lead X Design

Customer Journey

Developing & Optimizing your customers journey from awareness to sale for predicatable ROI


Are you managing your Customer's Journey?

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How we help your business succeed

Providing Outstanding
Digital Experiences

Lead X Design

Attract new leads by optimizing your workflows and sales funnels to increase your revenue

Lead X Design

24/7 Website Monitoring & Maintainence

Lead X Design

Developing brand awareness by promoting your brand to the best target audiences for your business

Lead X Design

Increase your own knowledge as a business owner by registering in one of our Free or Paid online courses

Work Flow

Our Working Process

Through our application process and discovery call, we will understand your brand, objectives and business goals to start your project.

Putting together all the information you provided in the previous step, we will develop a custom plan to achieve your goals.

We will then provide you with an official proposal for you to review and accept.

Congratulations! Your project will be complete and delivered with all your dreams and goals achieved! 🙂

Learn More About Our

4 Pillars To Online Success

Lead X Design

Attracting The *Right* Leads

You can have the best product or service in the world, but without customers, you have no business. For this reason, you really need to stand out from your competition and make your ideal customers find your solution online.

Lead X Design

The Customer Journey

Have you thought about the process it takes from when a lead first hears about you to a sale? You really need to understand and set and customer journey to educate, excite and convince your potential customer that what you are offering is exactly what they need.

Lead X Design

Customer Nurturing

In practical terms, most leads do not buy what you are selling on their first impression. It usually takes on seeing your offering 7 times on average before they are convinced. This is why you need a solid strategy of getting your product in front of their eyes consistently and organically.

Lead X Design

Understanding Your ROI

Do you understand your profit numbers? Are you calculating the return of investment for every ad/marketing campaign you run? The only way you can scale your business confidently to reach your dream goals is to stop the guess work and understand the $ value of every lead that sees your offer.

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    Website & Mobile App Development

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    Website Hosting, Support & Maintenance

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    Digital Marketing Strategies

Lead X Design

Not sure where to start?

Try Our All-in-One-Solutions

Whether you are a Do It Yourself(DIY) type of Entreprener. Or a business owner who would rather focus on other important tasks in their business and want a full Done For You(DFY) service, we have solutions for everyone!


Lead X Design

$49 /mo

  • This is a Do-It-Yourself Product*
  • Website Builder (Better than Wix!)
  • Social Marketing | Express
  • Reputation Management | Express
  • Customer Voice | Express
  • Advertising Intelligence
  • Listing Builder
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • Access to our Private Members Area


Growth Plan

$149 /mo

  • Startup Plus:
  • Entrepreneur - Website Care Plan
  • Access to 20+ Entrepreneur Digital Courses


Lead X Design

$297 /mo

  • Entrepreneur Plus:
  • Social Marketing | Pro
  • Reputation Management | Pro
  • Customer Voice | Pro
  • Advertising Intelligence
  • Listing Builder
  • Social Media Management

Want A Complete Business Package? /

Business VIP

Lead X Design

$597 /mo

  • Custom Website Design & Solutions
  • Full Website Content Management
  • Create Business Profile
  • Network with Community and Join Groups
  • Local Business Toolkit - Your Personal Business App
  • Access to the Full LXD Academy
  • Access Our Business Marketplace - Services For Your Business
  • Learn more about Digital Marketing via our exclusive content and live streams

Need A Fully Custom Solution? /


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