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Customer Nurturing Formula

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Customer Nurturing Formula

Successful marketers tend to be those who put time and effort into engaging with their potential clients. While some are put off by how long it takes to do so – and there’s no getting away from the fact that strong relationships take time to build – it’s most certainly worth it, as the rewards can be significant.

There are various methods used in lead generation, with lots of research and data analysis required, however, here we look at one method in particular – customer nurturing  a.k.a. lead nurturing. It can be an effective way to convert leads into sales. In fact, it’s one of the most oft-used methods by marketers…and that’s because when you do it right, it works.

Raising Awareness

Customer Nurturing

One of the virtuous side-effects of customer nurturing  is that it raises awareness of your brand by educating potential customers about the products and services you offer. Essentially, customer nurturing  is the process of connecting with your audience over time to show your value and establish trust. Whether communicating an exclusive offer, a new product or an industry insight, your job is to give people reasons to choose you over your competitors.

Despite the existence of a myriad of social media platforms, it’s the humble email that can be most effective in your customer nurturing  efforts. A well thought out email lead nurturing campaign will drive traffic to your e-commerce store and really improve your conversion rate.

So, What Exactly do we Mean by Customer Nurturing?

Well, the term describes how brands establish long-term relationships with potential customers through self-directed online journeys. The process is not limited to the B2C sphere either, as B2B brands also use customer nurturing  to attract business due to its efficacy. Building ever-stronger relationships with customer leads at every point on the sales funnel, the actions you take will keep them engaged and interested up until the point they’re ready to buy.

You shouldn’t undervalue the effort you put into nurturing potential leads, as people can be quite fickle. If they don’t think you’re truly interested in their needs or your brand isn’t investing much in them, they’ll move on to someone else. If other businesses are nurturing their potential customer and you’re not, who do you think they’ll buy from?

Customer Nurturing

Email Nurturing Campaigns

As we mentioned earlier, an effective customer nurturing tool is email, as it allows you to create automated, personalized messages to send to potential clients. It’s also a tool that allows you to send out automated emails at set times of the day, with content that’s designed to educate, inform and incentivise. An added benefit is that any interactions they then have with your brand can be used to guide future email content.

The more you interact with a particular lead, the more honed your messages should be, as they move through the sales funnel. It’s an ongoing process with more and more insights being provided that lead to actions being taken by the reader.

Want Some Expert Guidance?

As you can see, the customer nurturing  process takes time and effort to achieve success and if you find yourself wanting to engage with your customers in this way, but are just too busy…we can help. Our team is highly adept at creating targeted lead nurturing campaigns that really ‘talk’ to your audience and generate meaningful interaction.

So, if you’d like some expert guidance or you simply want us to take care of everything for you, we’d love to hear from you. There are real rewards out there and with our help, you can enjoy increased interaction, increased brand loyalty and ultimately increased sales.

Contact us today and our team will get started on your customer nurturing  campaign and really get your sales moving.


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