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Mikaela Ian

Entrepreneur Spotlight – Mikaela Ian

Mikaela Ian is a marketing and video coach who teaches new womenpreneurs how to confidently market their services + use video to grow their brand.

Return On Investment

Understanding Your Return On Investment (ROI)

A fundamental part of any business is profitability and within that is Return On Investment or ROI. So, it stands to reason then that fully understanding your ROI is central to that aim and as such, extremely important. So, with that aim in mind, we take a look now at the subject in closer detail.

Customer Nurturing

Customer Nurturing Formula

Customer nurturing is the process of connecting with your audience over time to show your value and establish trust.

Customer Journey

Creating a Customer Journey that Really Converts

When it comes to converting website visitors into sales, a well-mapped out customer journey  is vital to producing the kind of experience you need.

lead generation

Lead Generation Strategy

For those who know how to harness it, the internet can be a very powerful thing, however, not everyone knows precisely how to turn it into a lead generation machine

Wordpress vs wix vs squarespace

A Detailed Review of WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace

Which CMS is best for Small and Medium-sized Businesses?

Progressive Web Apps

Top Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Website to a Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps can add many features and eliminate many headaches

Lead X Design

Website Care Plan – The Benefits For Your Business

So, what are the benefits of a Website Care Plan?