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Types of Google AdSense Ads | Meaning & Size formats

Google AdSense Ads

Types of Google AdSense Ads | Meaning & Size formats

One of the frequently asked question by beginners after signing up with Google AdSense is which are the highest performing Google AdSense ads?

Some Google AdSense ad formats are more noticeable which means they get more clicks and bring more revenue as compared to other ad formats. There are different types of ads that you can use to display on your website.

You need to select the type of ads which you wish to see on your webpages. Depending on the content of your site you can choose the type of ads which will best cater the need of your site.

Each category of ads has more varieties with different dimensions. These are explained below in detail:

Display Ads are typical image banner ads available in various dimensions from the full-page leaderboard (728×90) size to a small button (125×125) size. These are rich media ads showing image, Flash or Video ads.

  • Text Ads

Text Ads are the same as display ads with the different that these ads will show text advertisements instead of rich media content. Typically, a wide skyscraper (160×600) size ad will be a set of 3 to 4 ads showing each ad in a single unit. If you do not prefer image and rich media content ads, then text ads are a good alternative as they can show 3 to 4 ads in a single unit.

  • Ad Link Units

Link units are text ads available in vertical as well as horizontal form. A vertical link unit (120×90 or 200×90) consists of three links together and a horizontal unit (728×15) consists of 3 to 4 units together in a single ad unit.

  • Video Ads

Video ads also belong to rich content ads displaying video instead of a static image. Video ads can be of CPC type or CPM type and the advantage of CPM type is that an impression is counted for every  first image loaded without the entire video being played by the visitor. The picture below shows how to enable rich media content by choosing the ad type of “Text & display ads” for an individual ad unit.

  • Mobile Ads

If you have a mobile site optimized for any high-end devices like iPhone and Android, then you do not need to create a separate mobile ad unit. Regular display or text ad units will also be displayed on the high-end mobile devices since they have a built-in web browser capable of running JavaScript.

If you are running your mobile site for any WAP browsers, then you need to create a mobile ad and display it on your mobile pages.

  • Feed Ads

AdSense allows you to display ads in your blog feed. The ads are displayed between every post as per your settings. Note when the user subscribes for your feed, AdSense ads will be sent in the feed which will be delivered into the user’s mail box. So, the subscriber of your feed should be seeing Google AdSense ads in the mail box. This is an exception to standard AdSense policies which prevents sending ads in an email.

These ads blend with the content seamlessly and improve the chance of clicking due to their larger comparative size to the smaller sized ads.

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