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10 Unique LinkedIn Analytics Metrics You Must Measure

LinkedIn Analytics

10 Unique LinkedIn Analytics Metrics You Must Measure

With more than 575 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network that is now developing as the social network for marketers. It has already evolved into the best content marketing platform for B2B businesses. To get effective results with this, you need to learn from your mistakes and for that, it is important to know what mistakes you are doing and what improvements are needed to develop your existing strategies.

For whatever reason, you are using LinkedIn, whether for promoting your business or boosting brand awareness, you need to measure your progress from time to time. Below are the top 10 LinkedIn analytics and metrics that you need to measure to improve the overall result.


Conversion is the most important goal of marketing campaigns that is necessary to measure to know whether your existing content, posts, ads, are enough to convert people or you need to make improvements and deliver the best results or not.


It is the metric that tells you how much your viewers and prospects are taking interest in your posted content. A number of comments tell the success of a particular post and help to measure your success in reaching your audience.

Engagement Metrics

LinkedIn allows you to measure the engagement rate that your content is earning. It includes metrics like how many times and how often people saw your content. How many likes and shares on your content? This also gives a chance to discover which content is driving more engagement.

Follower’s Information

By inspecting followers’ demographics, you will be able to know about the number of your total number of organic followers, sponsored followers, and followers’ demographics. It will give you the chance to sell and recruit depending on your goals. Followers will help to increase the number of followers by following your content.

Viewer’s Information

You need to update yourself about your viewers who are coming to your LinkedIn company page. It allows you to see who has visited your page and all the metrics about your visitors. By knowing about your visitor’s demographics, you can send the relevant message that enables you to interact with your prospects.

Leads Generated

LinkedIn is the most powerful tool for lead generation, but it is necessary to keep informing yourself about your potential customers that you acquired via LinkedIn. This helps you to improve your organic and inorganic reach and maximize your lead generation efforts.


It is a vital measurement that measures the aggregate cost to acquire one paying customer. This is mostly used to measure the money spent on LinkedIn ads. It is important because it tells about the financial measurement that measures the revenue impact on the campaign.

CTR (Click-through-Rate)

To know how you are performing, it is important to measure CTR. It measures the number of clicks; your content and ads are receiving. If you want to drive your customers on your particular page then it is the best metric that will tell you how many impressions or clicks you are getting and how much you needed to get success.

Video Views

Video plays an important role in LinkedIn marketing. This metric helps to measure how much time a user watches your video for at least three seconds. It will tell you how much your video is effective and whether people are taking an interest to watch this video or not.

Network Growth

You necessarily keep track of your network growth to know how many people are connected to you. If you have genuine followers who are interested in your services then your LinkedIn network will grow. So, you need to know how many quality connections you have to build your network.


LinkedIn is a unique platform compared to other social media platforms, so you need to use unique matrices to measure its effectiveness. Use the above metrics and keep yourself updated about your mistakes and improve them in a limited time to avoid a blunder.

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