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5 Examples how top brands use Facebook marketing to boost ROI

5 Examples how top brands use Facebook marketing to boost ROI

5 Examples how top brands use Facebook marketing to boost ROI

So, you also want to create remarkable Facebook marketing campaigns that would bring out big results for you, but don’t have any good social media campaign ideas on where to begin?

 Like Seth Godin says: “Be remarkable!”

Don’t just create another mediocre Facebook campaign. Following are some examples of top brands that will inspire and give you plenty of new Facebook Marketing campaign ideas. You can get some valuable tips from these or can use same for your businesses and see incredible returns.

  1. QuintoAndar

    Lead X Design

QuintoAndar is a Brazilian startup company established in 2013, it connects apartment owners and tenants through their website and mobile applications.

QuintoAndar wanted to optimize its ads for potential tenants, acquire more properties to display on its website and increase In-store purchases.

They created canvas ads, used conversion tracking, custom and lookalike audiences for desktop and mobile news feed.

They experienced 10X less time spent creating ads, 5X lower tenant acquisition cost, 2X more properties captured month-to-month with Facebook and a 30% monthly growth in 6 months.

  1. Universal Pictures

    Lead X Design

Universal Pictures is the world’s fourth-oldest studio.

Universal Pictures’ main campaign goal was to sell tickets for the theatrical release of The Secret Life of Pets.

The campaign ran from June 24–August 7, 2016, on both Facebook and Instagram.

They reached 25 Million people and saw that 37% of ticket sales were generated thanks to Facebook (62,000 tickets in total).

  1. Domino’s Pizza

    Lead X Design

Domino’s pizza is an American eatery and worldwide franchise pizza delivery corporation located in the United States.

For its 51st birthday, Domino’s wanted to increase their fan base, extend their reach, and boost brand awareness in global markets.

To get sales and improve brand awareness, Domino’s used a Facebook page, Page publishing, ads, Newsfeed and apps features. They also took advantage of RSVP and special deals.

On International Domino’s day, 542,000 people clicked on their local ordering website across the globe. It was a record-breaking day for online sales and likes on its fan page. There was a 30% boost in sales for that specific day in the UK.

  1. Salesforce

    Lead X Design

Salesforce launched in 1999 with a vision to revive the customer relationship management (CRM) in the cloud. This company is claiming more than 1 billion actions every day. It helps companies sell, assist and advertise more efficiently.

The company worked in three steps. At first, they started with a lower budget to test the potential market. After testing, they set expanded goals and when they got good results, they defined Salesforce as their prime lead generation channel.

They utilized Facebook ads, Desktop newsfeed and Facebook marketing partner to generate low cost, quality leads.

Salesforce achieved 3.5 times more qualified leads, 50% lower cost per lead, and over 24,000 new followers to its fan page.

  1. HubSpot

    Lead X Design

HubSpot is an inbound software company assisting businesses and marketers in generating lower cost, quality leads. Its mission is to create a more inbound world.

Although HubSpot is superior in unconventional and creative technologies, it still wanted to increase its brand awareness in the business-to-business zone on Facebook to drive prospective audiences to its Facebook page to connect and produce high quality leads.

The company created a fan page. To increase likes, it motivated its segmented audience with attractive and informative content on its Newsfeed and got help from Facebook ads to promote its services.

At the end of the Facebook campaign, HubSpot saw a 71% boost in sales, 15% increase in ROI, and 39% growth in traffic.

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