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6 Types of Facebook Posts that Guarantee Increased Audience Engagement


6 Types of Facebook Posts that Guarantee Increased Audience Engagement

Facebook provides marketers a platform to reach, connect and engage with various audiences. It helps in increasing brand awareness and in generating more sales. While the number of active Facebook users increasing, more businesses are including Facebook in their marketing strategy. But engaging people on your Facebook posts are also becoming harder with time.

Still, getting higher reach and engagement on Facebook posts can become easier if you publish content that people love. The free way to increase audience engagement on Facebook is regularly publishing unique and interesting content. In this article, we’re going to share types of Facebook posts that can help you get higher engagement.

Image Posts

Visual posts perform far better than text-only posts on Facebook. People love to share posts with images that’s why such posts receive better engagement. You can create multiple types of image posts such as quotes, facts, memes, brand posts, etc. Try to publish a combination of different types of image posts to ensure higher audience engagement on your Facebook posts.

Video Posts

You must know the power of videos. People are more engaging towards videos than any other type of content nowadays. That’s why you should consider uploading native videos in your Facebook posts. Try to create your own videos with the help of video tools and then upload them. You can also consider using the live video feature as it can help get enough engagement on Facebook.

Quiz Posts

Sometimes publishing fun and quiz posts also helps you get more engagement. Quiz or trivia posts are a great type of Facebook posts you can consider using because people tend to respond and comment more on such posts which increases engagement. Such posts grow a relationship between you and your audience that is absolutely beneficial for a business.

Answer Posts

Answer posts are a type of posts that explain something or provide a solution to users. Brands can ask their audience about what problems they face or what they like to know about. Taking feedback and then providing solutions is a great thing. You can publish Facebook posts that help your audience in any way and then see your engagement rate going higher.

Trending Posts

Social media plays the biggest role in making things go viral or rising new trends over the web. You have to look out what is trending and how you can relate it to your brand. Create your own Facebook posts following the trend to take advantage of trends. Make sure to add related hashtags to further improve engagement on your posts.

Free Resource Posts

AnchorProviding something for free is also a great way to attract a new audience and increase engagement. You can do similar to your Facebook posts where you need to offer free stuff related to your audience’s interest. The free resource can be anything like eBooks, Social Media Calendar, etc. You can expect a great engagement if your resource is really useful for the audience.


It’s always important to keep your audience engaged but you also want to reach new people and grow your followers. When you publish posts that grab the attention of users, your task becomes easier as such posts automatically engage people. Therefore, try to create and publish these Facebook posts to start getting higher audience engagement.