7 Easy Steps to Create a Killer Facebook Business Page

We all know that Facebook is the biggest social media platform with over 2 billion monthly active users. As a business owner or brand manager, you should have a strong presence on Facebook. Having a business page on Facebook is a great option. It helps to reach a broad audience and you can connect with your target customers.

A Facebook business page is essential as it allows people to find and interact with your business or brand online. You can also use a business page to promote your brand online and increase sales. Creating a Facebook business page is easy, below we are sharing some steps that you need to follow, and your business page will be ready to rock.

Step 1. Sign Up for Business Page

The first step is to visit Facebook for business and choose the option to create a page. You’ll get two options there – “Business or Brand” and “Community or Public Figure”. Choose the first one since we’re going to set up a business page. Next, you’ll need to fill out page name, category, address, etc. Fill them carefully.

Step 2. Add Profile & Cover Images

Now, you’ll need to upload a profile photo and cover image for your Facebook page. This is important for your brand representation, thus make sure to upload the right images of high quality. It’s required to upload images with correct dimensions, 170×170 pixels is the ideal size for a profile photo and 820×462 pixels is for the cover image.

Step 3. Explore Your Page

As soon as your page goes live, you will be prompted to take a quick tour of how Facebook page works. It describes you features of the page and how you can make use of different options. If you’re already aware of this, you can skip but if it’s your first business page then you should learn how to operate it.

Step 4. Fill Page Information

Your next step is to fill out all the required page information completely. There is multiple page information such as description, categories, business info, contact info, location, hours, page story, and more. You can find all these under the page’s settings and need to fill them in order to complete the page set-up.

Step 5. Create a Username of Page

The username of your Facebook business page is another vital thing to consider. It appears in the URL of your page and makes it easier for people to remember your page name or search for you on Facebook. Therefore, create a username for your business page and get a vanity URL of the page.

Step 6. Customize Your Page

You can also customize your Facebook business page from settings. Select “Templates and Tabs” options under settings where you can configure the look of the page. Facebook has several templates to choose from as per your business type. You can also select and arrange different available tabs to show on the page.

Step 7. Create & Publish First Post

Now it’s time to publish your first post on Facebook business page. Before you share the page and ask people to like it, make sure that the page has some relevant posts published. You can publish different types of posts such as a link, photo, offer, event, etc. Choose the desired type and publish your posts to engage the audience.


Finally, you have created your Facebook business page. By following these steps, you can easily have your page and start engaging your audience on Facebook. Publish different engaging posts on your page regularly to increase your followers. Once your page gets established on Facebook, you can even grow your sales through it.