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List of Facebook Ad Formats for Customer Acquisition

Facebook Ad Formats

List of Facebook Ad Formats for Customer Acquisition

Facebook Ads are a powerful way to attract people towards your services. Any type of business can create an ad campaign even with a small budget. But before starting, you should present your ad in a creative form that people love to watch and for this, you have to have knowledge about the different formats of Ads.

To get started with Facebook ads, you need to understand the type of Facebook ads that you can use to attract and engage your targeted audience. Check out the below-mentioned types of Ads and choose the best suitable type for your ad campaign.


Video Ads

People spend a long time to watch videos than other forms of content. So, this type of ad format captures attention quickly and drives a lot of engagement and conversion. It can be placed anywhere.

These ad formats are self-explanatory, and you need not put so many efforts. You can use video ads to solve different purposes like brand awareness, traffic, engagement, conversion, lead generation, etc.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads help to show the different angles of your product and services in a single ad. You can show several cards, each with different images. Each image has the ability to link the different destination.

With these ads, you can show a story in different parts. It is a great option for generating brand awareness with numerous photos.

Canvas Ads

It is also popular as Instant experience ads that are fast loading and highlight your products and provides a good and instant experience.

With this, you can get more control over the design and build instant experience from scratch. In this type of ad, you can add photos, videos, text, buttons, etc.

Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads give you an opportunity to tell a story through slides of photos. You can also upload images in a video form because you can use motion, sound, text to tell your story.

These are easy to create and more affordable than video ads. These also use five times fewer data than videos and narrate a complex process very easily through some sequence of steps.

Photo Ads

These are the simpler form of the ads that consist of only one image with a call-to-action button. To attract people with these type ads, one should use the perfect and eye-catchy image with the outstanding content that leaves an impression on the user’s mind.

Collection Ads

As the name implies, these ads are a combination of videos, images, and slideshow. You can use this type of ad when you have more than 4 products to display and have a specific conversion goal.

Collection ads are suitable for online retailers who want to convert interested people into immediate sales.

Facebook Lead Ads

Leads ads give you the opportunity to collect information from your potential customers. When people click on your ad, a form appears in front of them.

If people fill their details, you get a lead and you can directly download your lead from Facebook. You can customize this form according to you. It is one of the best ways to build your email list.

Dynamic Ads

These ads are like remarketing ads that targeted users based on their past behavior. They promote your products in front of those customers, who have shown some interest in your products.

For this, you only have to complete your set up once and after that, it automatically finds out the right people for the right product.


Facebook ads are an important component that helps you accomplish your business goals and maximize ROI. But first, you must choose the type of ad format that can give you the best result. Check out the above ad formats and see which type of format you can use in your business.

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