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Top Secrets that will Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach


Top Secrets that will Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook has the largest base of audience around the world. It is the biggest social media platform where you can find your target audience and engage them through various ways. Facebook is also becoming a great source of referral traffic that can send huge traffic to your website.

If your business relies on website traffic, Facebook should be your priority list to generate traffic. As per some stats, Facebook owned 40% of website traffic on the web, hence, it can help you get good traffic for your business website.

But the question is how to improve organic reach of your Facebook posts so that it will help you in an actual way. Below are some tips that will help you boost your Facebook’s organic reach.

Post More Evergreen Content

To increase your organic reach and engagement, it’s a better idea to publish evergreen content that people love to check and read. Avoid promoting your products and services all the time, post some useful non-promotional content as well. Evergreen content can be shared multiple times and helps generate more reach and traffic.

Implement Organic Post Targeting

You can also set audience targeting for your organic posts just like you do in Facebook Ads. You need to enable Facebook Audience Optimization for posts from page settings and then you’ll be able to set targeting parameters for organic posts. It helps businesses increasing reach and understand audience interests.

Identify Right Time to Post

On Facebook and many other social media sites, timing of your posts matters a lot. To get better reach and engagement, you need to find out perfect time to publish your posts. Best timing can vary as per your industry and demographics, you can check insights to analyze what time works good for you.

Use Different Types of Posts

Sometimes, using a variety of posts works well for Facebook organic reach. Publishing same type of content repetitively such as links can decrease reach and engagement. You should regularly publish different types of posts such as image posts, video posts, event posts, etc. This makes your audience more interesting in your content and improves reach.

Team Up with Other Facebook Pages

You can also partner with other Facebook pages in similar niches and cross-promote each other’s content. In this strategy, you need to find out pages that are non-competitive but somewhat relevant to your niche. When they post your content with their followers, you’ll not only get a higher reach but also able to find new audience.

Share Posts on Profile and Groups

An easy way to boost your Facebook posts reach is by sharing it in multiple places. Start with your own profile, share posts on your timeline. You should also create and join groups with similar interests so that you can share posts there too. Although, you must follow the group’s guidelines while sharing posts there.

Run Contests

Contests are undoubtedly a great yet simple way to increase reach and engagement on Facebook. You must find out your goals and target audience before designing the contest. Offer something valuable as a prize and make sure to create excitement among every participant. Contest posts can easily get higher reach and engagement.

Analyze Facebook Insights

To improve the performance of your page, you should timely track and analyze your posts. There is an inbuilt tool called Facebook Insights that provides you a detailed performance report of each published post. It helps you know what type of posts perform better so that you can add even more value in such posts to increase reach further.


The number of businesses that use Facebook is increasing continually and it’s becoming harder to get good reach on your posts. By updating your strategy and implementing the above-mentioned tips, you can make sure that organic reach of your posts improves, and you’ll get more engagement.

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