Types of LinkedIn Ads

Types of LinkedIn Ads – Choose the Best for Your Business

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn also helps marketers to meet their campaign’s objective. LinkedIn Ads are the best option to target potential customers that also helps to achieve targeted goals quickly. By using LinkedIn advertising, you can maximize your business reach and attract potential buyers to buy your services.

There are Tons of marketers, who are taking advantage of LinkedIn ads and spreading brand awareness to drive more conversion. Before getting started with LinkedIn ads, you need to know about the different types of ads that you can use in your LinkedIn marketing campaign. Choose from them and decide which LinkedIn ads format offered the best for your business.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

This type of ad can also be termed as direct sponsored content. It is just like your regular LinkedIn posts with a CTA button and a promoted label. These ads are directly placed on the user’s news feed. It recommends specs for display images are- 1200*627.

You can use an image, a video, and a carousel of images to advertise your campaign through LinkedIn sponsored content ads. Use a larger image and text to attract your prospects. This type of ads is mainly used for generating leads, boosting brand awareness, and increasing traffic to your blog posts or pages.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

It is a highly effective format of ads that can be used to send personalized messages to active LinkedIn members to their LinkedIn inboxes. With these ads, you can add CTA, body text, greetings, and links with your message. You must pay per unit for each message delivered.

You need to follow the guidelines to create these ads. If you want to drive downloads of gated assets, promote webinars, generate B2B leads then you can incorporate these types of ads in your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

LinkedIn Text Ads

Text ads are like Google ads that are very easy to create, and you need to pay a fixed amount on every click. These ads display on the right side of the news feed and run only on desktops. You can easily set up this type of ad campaign and boost your brand awareness quickly.

It’s up to you whether you want to add an image to it or not. Use text ads when you want to drive traffic to your specific page and website, target a highly specific B2B audience, and lead conversion.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

With the help of dynamic ads, you can generate personalized ads. These are somehow like text ads with the difference that dynamic ads are more personalized than text ads. These are very effective lead generation ads that help to generate click-through and to drive traffic to a specific URL.

These ads are available in different formats like follower ads to expand your follower base, job ads to get more applicants, spotlight ads to share information with your audience, etc.


You can’t afford to skip LinkedIn advertising. If everything is done in the right manner then LinkedIn advertising can take your business to the next level. So, focus on the above-mentioned type of LinkedIn ads and choose the best suitable type to drive more conversion.