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How Your Brand Can Make the Most of LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn Video

How Your Brand Can Make the Most of LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn has become an important social media platform where marketers can put their content in front of the right users and at the same time, it can be used to build brand awareness, boost engagement, and even drive leads for businesses. But for that, it is necessary to publish the right content at the right place and video marketing is one of the best types of content that is gaining popularity.

In LinkedIn marketing, the demand for video content is clearly increasing day by day and marketers are accepting the fact that LinkedIn is an effective channel to showcase their brand through videos. Below you can see how you can boost your campaign success through LinkedIn video marketing.

Create Video for Repurpose Your Content

By repurposing your content, you can bring your customers to your site through the old content. If you have evergreen content then it can be repurposed and through videos, you can do it easily. It not only maximizes your content value but also gives you content by doing fewer efforts. LinkedIn provides you a platform, where you can easily post your videos. Use your old blog posts and photos and create some short videos to engage your audience through LinkedIn.

Post Professional Videos

LinkedIn is mainly used as a professional social site and you need to create your video professionally. Low-quality videos can harm your conversion rate. Hire a video marketing expert who can create content for you. Videos are considered highly in LinkedIn marketing. To get effective results, you need to optimize your videos.

  • Do not forget to add subtitles and effective cations in your videos.
  • Make a short length video
  • Optimize it for SEO
  • Make it mobile optimizing

Promote Brand to Get Engagement

To connect authentically with your audience, you need a highly effective way. By telling your stories to your viewers, you can attract and engage your audience and build a strong connection with them. Share you’re behind the scenes stories that allow your viewers to understand your brand.

LinkedIn videos can be used for promoting your products. Post-how-to videos and explainer product videos to give a quick explanation about that product. It will help to get more engagement and also boost your conversion rate

Post Screencast and Presentations

A video recording of your computer screen with audio narration is the most inexpensive and effective way to start your video marketing. You only need a screen capturing software and a mic to speak. You can also use this recording to make your presentation or you can also post your presentation on LinkedIn with some mixture of images and text and provide information about your products or brands to your viewers through it.

Share Testimonials from Happy Customers

Video testimonials are something on which people can trust easily. Make product reviews videos and testimonials from happy customers to increase credibility and add value to your services.

Uploading these videos on LinkedIn gives you opportunities to maximize your reach and increase the number of connections. You can offer discounts to them in exchange for video testimonials.


If you are still wondering how videos are effective for the LinkedIn campaign then go ahead and experience it. These above-mentioned ways help you to start your video marketing for your LinkedIn marketing.

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